Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Oswego, Illinois, the 7-acre barn wedding venue captures the essence of rustic elegance and natural beauty. Surrounded by fields and a quaint collection of trees, the venue offers a serene escape for couples seeking a charming and intimate setting for their special day.

At Venue 5126, the centerpiece is a beautifully rustic, elegant barn that exudes timeless charm. The warm, weathered wood and enchanting atmosphere create a perfect backdrop for celebrations. Imagine exchanging vows inside the barn under twinkling lights, or outside under beautifully crafted pergola that sits field side, or in the blank canvas of the field ceremony location.

With their three, picture perfect ceremony location options, couples can tailor their celebration to match their vision. Whether it's next to the open field bathed in sunlight, or the classic ambiance of the barn itself, each location provides a unique and enchanting atmosphere for your ceremony.

Along with the picturesque backdrops for your ceremony, reception and stunning wedding photos, Venue 5126 has services you won't find anywhere else. Offering hirable services of their in-house florist, stylist, and DJ as well as a full rental boutique in which you could use to decorate your entire wedding. Plus, their in-house wedding coordinator comes included! You couldn't ask for a better team to transform your dream wedding into reality.

It's the day of your wedding and sunlight is streaming through the trees along the winding driveway that leads up to the beautifully restored farmhouse. It is such a serene setting, you know you've been transported to a magical space that will come to hold priceless memories for you...


- Frances R.

"Our guests could not stop talking about how magical and amazing the whole venue was."



- Jocelyn n.

“The minute we walked into Venue 5126, we knew we had found our wedding venue."



The Fields

Your first sunset as a married couple will be stunning as you overlook the vast fields of farmland. Peaceful, quiet, unforgettable.

the tent

A refreshingly simple backdrop of the three peaked tent will allow you to customize the space to fit your style and color palette. (no clashing drapes or carpet here!!)

Bridal suite

A chic and comfortable space for brides to get ready for the day. With blush tones and gold accents, the backdrop of the bridal suite is perfect for the many photos you'll take here!

Dance the night away!

You will have a packed danced floor as you dance the night away in the barn. Easy access to the bar, the patio and plenty of space to mingle and catch up with your guests. 

With three options for ceremony sites, the possibilities are endless. Choosing from the pergola that overlooks 500 acres of farmland, or the blank canvas of an open space near the field, and my personal favorite space....under the twinkling lights of the barn. 

ceremony sites


location inspiration

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location inspiration

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It will feel like you are hosting a wedding in your own backyard, but the beauty is, you didn't have to spend hours landscaping and setting the scene! The back patio invites you to mingle with your guests against the backdrop of a stunning sunset under the twinkling lights. A magical and intimate atmosphere.


Venue 5126



should we both GET READY AT
Venue 5126 //

Absolutely! With the girls getting ready in the Farmhouse Suite, and the guys getting ready in the is the perfect way to start the party! Plenty of space for hair and makeup, options for hanging dresses, beautiful mirrors to do all of the final checks...and the best part, plenty of natural light in the farmhouse and coop for all of those photos!

what time SHOULD WE BEGIN OUR CEREMONY at Venue 5126? //

Your in-house co-ordinator is the best one to answer this for you, but I love to see ceremonies take place any time after 4pm! The sun is softening at that time of day, and this will set you up for great timing at the cocktail hour and into the reception. 


The options are endless! Based on the conditions of the day, I choose from a backdrop of tree lined fields, tall grasses, or the barn itself. Whether it is bright and sunny, or there is a bit of cloud cover, I have the perfect spot in mind for your family photos! 


A first look is a very personal choice. I like to explain the options to each of my couples about the benefits of completing a first look and all of the portraits prior to the ceremony...But I also love a good teary eyed moment as the groom sees his bride walk down the aisle. 
As I work with you on your custom timeline, let's chat about the logistics of this!

do they allow for SPARKLER EXITS? should we DO ONE? //

Sparkler exits are allowed and I HIGHLY recommend them! There is plenty of space to make a wide aisle for you to do an outdoor exit with sparklers. I love when couples ask to take a creative photo of just the two of them and a sparkler. So if you are up for it, I am all in!

can we do our ENGAGEMENT SESSION at the Venue? //

Yes! An engagement session on-site is the perfect chance for you to experience the Venue and the lighting conditions that will be similar to your wedding day. We will explore the grounds and find all of the perfect spots for photos. How fun to have a photo of you in front of the barn for your engagement session and then re-create that photo on your wedding day?!

I have had the honor of photographing countless weddings at Venue 5126 over the last 10 years. I love finding new and beautiful ways to photograph couples at this unique venue and I also love the classic locations and hidden gems that I return to again and again for their stunning backdrop.

Every wedding is unique, and I walk onto the property each time with a new perspective on the light, the way the shadows dance on the grass, the swaying trees...No wedding the same, but all reminiscent of the magical space you were witness to the first moment you stepped onto the property. 
I would love to chat more with you about my experience working with the incredible staff at Venue 5126, and the amazing photos that I can capture for you on your wedding day!

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